Enver KurtalaniMr Enver Kurtalani

Executive Director

Enver Kurtalani is employed at the Project as an Administrator since April 2005. He has received the organizational and financial management training from Mr Dukagjin Kelmendi and Mr Colin Allen. He also worked as a President of the Deaf Association of Gjilan for 3 years.

Contact: deafkosovar@gmail.com or 044 655 503 (sms only)


Berat RashitiMr Berat Rashiti

Office Assistant

Berat Rashiti is employed in February 2010. He is also the student of the Interpreters Trainings provided by KAD. He is also working as KASLI treasures. His role is office assistant and he works closely with Mr Enver Kurtalani on KAD Administrative work.

Contact: deafkosovar@gmail.com or 044 319 287


Ms Rukije Gashi

Sign Language Interpreter / Advocacy Officer

Rukije Gashi is employed firstly as the Sign Language Interpreter for Project Administrator from 2005; she also was a chairperson of Interpreter Working Group. From 2005, she is working also as KAD Advocacy Officer. And from 2008 she is President of KASLI. Since 2010 she is a chairperson of the Parents Working Group.

Contact: deafkosovar@gmail.com or 044 185 178


Mr Ramadan Gashi

Deaf Community Liaison Officer

Ramadan Gashi is employed at the Project from July 2004. He has received the trainings from Mr Colin Allen and now he is organizing and implementing the Organisational Management Trainings for 12 Deaf Clubs in Kosovo. He has worked as the Secretary of the Deaf Association in Prishtina from 1999 – 2010.

Contact: deafkosovapto@hotmail.com or 044 185 177 (sms only)


Mr Selman Hoti

Sign Language Interpreter Trainer (in training)

Selman Hoti, is a Kosovo Sign Language Interpreter Trainer. He is an interpreter and interpreter trainer with the Kosovar Association of the Deaf and the Albanian Association of the Deaf. Selman is presently teaching 11 students in the Final Year Interpreter Training programme and 10 students in the Basic Interpreter Training programme in Kosovo and 12 students in the First Year of Interpreter Training Programme in Albania. He also works as an interpreter in the Kosovar Television Signed News. He is a Board Member of the World Association of the Sign Language Interpreters and represents the Balkan Region. He works for the Kosovar Project since July 2004. He is also KASLI Secretary.

Contact: shkshpti@gmail.com or 044 127 564


Ms Drita Toprlak

Sign Language Research 

Ms Drita Toprlak is employed at the project since April 2006. She receives training from Ms Karin Hoyer, Sign Linguist from FAD and Mr Florjan Rojba, Sign Language Research Assistant from ANAD. She also works as the teacher assistant at the attached Deaf classes at the mainstream school in Prishtina. She is the chairperson of the KAD Women Working Group.

Contact: dritatoprlak1@gmail.com or 044 899 730 (sms only)


Mr Nebih Cakaj

Sign Language Research 

Mr Nebih Cakaj is employed at the project since April 2006. He is also the Board member of Deaf Association in Prishtina since 2006. He is the chairperson of the KAD Youth Working Group established in 2008.

Contact: nebih.cakaj@gmail.com or 044 878 190 (sms only)